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HD Virtual Tours combined with QR Codes make such a beautiful presentation tool. No need for superintendent to open the apartment, or even, no need to enter in the building at all, if you post posters in front of the building.


Each poster may have few QR Codes directing to apartments for leas or sale. QR Code Reader App can be downloaded on any iPhone or Android and be used for this purpose.


Real Estate Agencies through out the city post properties for rent or sale on their front glass of their agencies. So who ever walks by, can stop and see some 20 or 30 letter size posters. There you'll have few pictures, some other info, and for more information you will need to enter and speak to the agent.


What if on these posters are put QR Codes (as shown on the left), which will direct the clients to Virtual Tours?


The Agent will have it's own contact information on the top right of the tour, so whoever may be interested on that property/apartment, will contact him/her and take it from there.


In this case, the client is familiar with the property. If the property is to huge or to small, he won't go further to take your time or day, and at the end say to you: "Oh, it's to big for me.."  - or, "Oh, when you told me one bedroom, I imagined a bit smaller than this... but..sorry, I don't like it... "  - These are probably comments that you don't want to hear anymore as an agent...  What you will do next (as an agent)? Probably is, you'll take your time and go to another place to show, hopping that the client will like it.. So, during all day long, you can show maybe 10 properties without a problem.. And at the end of the day you are so, so tired....


With our Virtual tours and posters, or even http:// links, you can show more than 100 properties/1day right from your desk. You donít wait for the clients to show up on your doorstep, but you send what you offer in the palm of their hands...This is really beautiful.. Isn't it?


Please scan the code on the left and experience how it works. If you don't have QR Reader App on your phone, get it from App Store. Just type: QR Reader and SEARCH...


















We offer the best HD Virtual Tour prices for Real Estate Agencies and before starting to do anything, we suggest to meet and discuss everything about HD Virtual Tours. Like: How many spins are needed for 1Bedroom apartment, how many for 2 and more bedroom apartments. Also there are ways we decrease the number of spins needed to present the property, which means, if there is good coverage with two spins (for 1 Bedroom apartment) we won't shoot the third one.


Contact us and lets start doing something big together...